Citizens call for the removal of sanctions

14 Oct, 2021 - 10:10 0 Views
Citizens call for the removal of sanctions


Talent Gore, H-Metro Reporter

Zimbabwean citizens have called on for unconditional removal of the illegal sanctions imposed by Western countries on Zimbabwe.

The US government has maintained a sanctions regime against Zimbabwe since 2001 as a direct response to the country’s fast track land reform programme meant to correct colonial land ownership imbalances.


This comes as October 25 marks the SADC Anti-Sanctions Day, a day when the world joins Zimbabwe in calling for the removal of the unilateral sanctions.


Zimbabwe is this year marking the day under the theme “Friend to All, Enemy to None: Forging ahead and Enhancing Innovation and Productivity in Adversity of Sanctions”.


In interviews conducted by H-Metro in the Harare Central Business District (CBD), citizens indicated that it was the general public that was bearing the full brunt of the illegal sanctions.


Tererai Zvidzo said he has been calling for the removal of sanctions for years now.


“As a Zimbabwean citizen, I have been calling for the removal of sanctions over the years,” he said.


“In our case they have adversely affected the most vulnerable groups and destroyed our moral and social fabric.”


Zvidzo added that the issue of sanctions was now in the public domain, hence all Zimbabweans regardless of political affiliation, creed or religion should unite in the call for their removal.


Another citizen, Marilyn Chatindo said sanctions imposed on Zimbabwe by the US and its allies were not justified.


“The illegal sanctions are a violation of human rights, hence the need for the UN to step in and summon the US to expeditiously remove the restriction,” she said.


“I am an ordinary Zimbabwean. I have been affected and have been limited to international Financial markets because of sanctions on Zimbabwe. Sanctions have affected me.”


Another citizen Brighton Mukorera said sanctions denied him access to a lot of things in the diaspora.


“I failed to get access to a certain US based platform for work and reason provided was because of restrictions on Zimbabwe,” he said.


“I lost an opportunity on a remote US based job because they could not risk working with those in countries with restrictions.”


Tadious Njerera said sanctions were not serving any purpose and should be removed.


“They are not serving any purpose, our innovative leadership has come up with means of rendering sanctions useless, but still our people are affected,” he said.


“By and large, it is the West that is losing investment opportunities as our country has found new investors, however, the country would fly higher if the sanctions were to be removed.”


Christine Moyo challenged Western embassies in Zimbabwe to relay the anti-sanction message to their countries.


“Their ambassadors should also be seen demonstrating against sanctions if they are champions of democracy and human rights,” she said.


“Sanctions are a gross human rights abuse. Their representatives should not take the issue of sanctions for a ride. They are affecting ordinary citizens.’’


The region, Africa and many other countries have joined Zimbabwe in the call for the removal of the sanctions which have choked the country for more than two decades now.

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