Runyararo Ndaramo

THE City of Harare has embarked on a yet another major clean up campaign and residents will be hoping that it is not another DAMP SQUIB.

The city officials say they want to restore sanity in the capital and prevent the spread of cholera. It’s yet another edition of Operation Chenesa Harare and it was launched yesterday at Matapi, Mbare.

Mayor Jacob Mafume said:

“The city is on a drive to come up with a waste management sustainable programme.

“The City is acquiring more refuse compactors for all wards.”

Local Government and Public Works Minister, Daniel Garwe, Environment and Climate Change Ministry representative, Deputy Mayor Rosemary Muronda, Town Clerk Engineer Chisango, city directors, city councillors and residents attended the launch.

The initial Operation Chenesa Harare programme turned into a damp squib.

By April, waste dumps had reappeared across the city amid clear indications that the city residents had been sold a dummy by the Council.

It emerged that the quest to restore Harare’s Sunshine City status was nothing but a pipe dream as the city fathers have seemingly failed to find a lasting solution to the chaos in refuse collection and waste management.

Piles of refuse had accumulated for months at bus termini in the city centre, emitting unpleasant odours. This resulted in waste dumps emerging in suburbs such as Highfield and Mbare. 

Residents said they did not have an option since the Harare City Council waste compactors rarely serviced their areas.

Even Mafume was forced to confirm that it had not gone according to plans.

“We do not have enough equipment, we have about 25 compactors that we are deploying yet we require about 60.

“So, as a long-term solution, we want to acquire tractors so that we can deploy a tractor per each ward.”

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