Zvikomborero Parafini 

A MAID, who stole US$107 000 from her employer and shared the loot with a boyfriend who later stole from her, was yesterday sentenced to seven years imprisonment.

Marvelous Mapfumo pleaded guilty to the offence on Monday.

Initially, magistrate Ethel Chichera sentenced her to nine years imprisonment before she suspended two years on condition that she doesn’t commit a similar offence in the next five years.

The complainant is Sisi Lin of Tian-tian Fresh Mart Supermarket.

The court heard that Lin would keep his money in a drawer in his bedroom.

Mapfumo was the one who cleaned the bedroom.

Mapfumo found out there was money in the drawer and told her boyfriend, Herbert Chihwiza Kurebgwaseka, who is a policeman, about it.

Kurebgwaseka told her to leave the money until it accumulated to a large amount.

In pursuit of their plan, Kurebgwaseka bought her a new SIM card and phone which they would use to communicate about the money issue.

On May 30, Lin left his bedroom unlocked as usual and went to work leaving US$107 000 in his drawer.

Mapfumo called her boyfriend and informed him that the money had accumulated and that she was ready to steal the money.

They agreed that Kurebgwaseka would pick up the money after she had packed it in a satchel.

Zebediah Bofu appeared for the State.

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