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HARARE City Council has said there is a need for a new water plant to ease pressure on the water shortages.

Mayor Jacob Mafume said the increase in Harare’s population required new water treatment plants because the existing ones could only cater for a given population.

“The water crisis isn’t unique to Harare, but it’s certainly hitting us hard,” Mayor Mafume said.

“This is due to the deteriorating raw water sources, the aged and tired water supply infrastructure, the increasing cost of water treatment chemicals, as well as power supply across the city.

“We rely on Lake Manyame, Chivero, and Prince Edward for water, but the last dam specifically built for the city was in the 80s.”

He added:

“We have exploding suburbs with residents who need water and our current system is simply overloaded and outdated.

“This reliance on an outdated plant isn’t the only hurdle.

“Council receives its funding in local currency, which loses value rapidly due to inflation. This makes buying essential chemicals, which are required for the purification of water, extremely difficult.”

Mayor Mafume said they had a debt with the chemical suppliers which they are failing to clear.

Town Clerk Engineer Hosiah Chisango has said Lake Chivero is currently at 99 percent, holding 220 000 megalitres, and Manyame Dam is at 96 percent, holding 480 000 megalitres.

“These are estimated to last 24 months, at an output of 500 megalitres per day, the major challenge is the poor quality of raw water since the reservoirs did not spill this season,” Eng Chisango said.

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