Veronica Gwaze 

SCORES of fans were left frustrated at Rufaro yesterday as City Park marshals refused electronic transactions for parking at the stadium.

Despite the presence of three swipe machines at the main gate, the fans were told that only cash payments would be accepted for parking fees.

“I have to go back home because the only cash I had on me was meant for my payment into the main arena as I intended to pay for parking through swipe,” said a frustrated fan. 

“This is unfair, it just a strategy to refuse electronic payments, the reasons they are giving us are just not adding up.” 

However, City Park supervisor, Lovemore Mutusva, blamed it on bank networks.

“It is unfortunate that coincidentally today all bank networks are down so we have to take cash only. Ecocash is working in some instances and declining in others,” he said. 

Interestingly, this is not the first time that such incidents have happened at Rufaro.

At least, there was something to smile about for those CAPS United fans who, despite all these frustrations, managed to enter the stadium and watch the game.

Makepekepe won 3-0.

“We are happy, the boys made our day after some challenges at the gate. The authorities need to look into these things because it is frustrating for us,” said some CAPS United fans.

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