City Parking acknowledges presence of errant marshals

Talent Gore

CITY Parking has acknowledged some of its marshals abuse drugs and alcohol, leading to clashes with motorists.

However, Francis Mandaza (pictured right) , communications and public relations manager of City Parking, says such individuals are just a tiny fraction of their otherwise good workforce. He said the training, which the marshals are undergoing, will help “customers have the greatest customer experience”.

“There have been isolated cases of some workers engaging in drugs and substance abuse, and this is a major concern, especially among young workers.”

Mandaza said City Parking workers belong to the community and must therefore be helped to have good manners to respect their elders and clients.

City Parking is implementing customer care and public relations training for its employees.

This collows numerous complaints from Harare residents and motorists.

The complaints included poor communication skills, leading to wrangles with motorists. There are also complaints some workers would be under the influence of drugs and alcohol while on duty. This was revealed at a recent Harare Residents’ Trust meeting.

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