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H-Metro Reporter

THE City of Harare has resolved to ration water because purification at its treatment plants remains suppressed due to unreliable supply of chemicals.

Production at Morton Jaffray Waterworks currently stands at 136 megalitres, out of an available capacity of 450ML, while at Prince Edward Council is producing only 78ML.

Residents from suburbs such as Greendale, Marlborough, Mainway Meadows in Waterfalls, Glen Norah and Glen View have not had council tap water for a long time.

In an update on the water situation in the city, the municipality said local and foreign suppliers of water purification chemicals were facing challenges.

“The Environment Management Committee has resolved that council rations water in the wake of suppressed water production.

“This is to ensure equitable distribution of water in the city.

“Our local aluminium sulphate supplier is facing production challenges while the delivery of the imported granular substitute has also been inconsistent, thereby affecting potable water production and subsequent equitable distribution to residents of Harare.”

The city said it received four loads of imported granular aluminium sulphate on Sunday with a further 16 loads still on the way from Beira to Harare.

“All efforts are being made to work out a sustainable solution to the problems. Residents are, therefore, encouraged to use availed supplies conservatively all the time they receive water.”

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