City to ban political posters

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City to ban political posters Mayor Manyenyeni


4 April 2018

Mayor Manyenyeni

Harare City is set to ban all political posters in a bid to keep the city clean.

Mayor Benard Manyenyeni said political parties should embrace technology because council is trying to deal with pollution that posters bring.

“After my two-day “Look and Learn” trip to Kigali last week, I am back to my beloved Zimbabwe capital Harare where I am tethered to serve.

“The timing is perfect – our national elections are perhaps just three months away.

“Straight from visiting such a clean capital city, I think it is very much in order to BAN the 100 or so political parties and the thousands of their vote-splitting candidates from putting campaign posters anywhere in our City,” he said.

He added:

“We have started the programme internally and we are months away from the elections, so the time for implementation is now.

“City is always struggling with this kind of pollution. Political parties should take advantage of technology, they should embrace social media instead of putting posters on walls and buildings.

“The problem we face is that no one comes back to remove them, whether they win or lose they will not come back,” he said.

Harare City council’s objective is to reach world class status by 2025.

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