CITY’S WATER BLUES. . . power transformer breaks down at Morton Jaffray

Talent Gore

WATER shortages in parts of Harare are due to the breakdown of a power transformer at Morton Jaffray water works.

According to Harare City Council’s acting spokesperson, Hope Chizuzu, the reduced output from Morton Jaffrey is to blame for the lack of water.

He said the water plant also had a breakdown of two granula aluminium stirrers.

Chizuzu said the Council is anticipating a total production of 536 mega litres per day by the end of the year, but current output is between 390 and 410 megalitres per day.

“Morton Jaffray experienced a breakdown of two granula aluminium stirrers, leaving only one available, and as a result, only a limited amount of liquid aluminium can be prepared, negatively affecting water output.”

As a result, the eastern suburbs of Mabvuku, Tafara and Greendale are not accessing water.

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