Civil-Prophet sells congregant’s vehicle

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Civil-Prophet sells congregant’s vehicle Ishmael Pasvani


19 October 2018

Blantina Mugabe

INTERCESSORS Power Chapel’s leader, Prophet Ishmael Pasvani, has been dragged to court for allegedly selling one of his congregants’ vehicles.

Prophet Pasvani maintained his church received a Honda Fit as a donation from Blantina Mugabe and her family sometime in May 2016.

However, Blantina told the court that her generosity was taken advantage of after she only offered her vehicle for temporal use at the church.

Blantina claimed she later entered into a verbal agreement with the prophet in which she was supposed to be paid $4 500 for the said vehicle to which she has not yet received to date.

Ishmael Pasvani

Blantina and her family have since left the Highfield-based Intercessors Power Chapel church owing to the dispute.

However, in his defence, the man of cloth led evidence through his spokesperson Mathias Pfawaya who said the vehicle was indeed “seeded” sometime in 2016.

Pfawaya told the court that the applicant along with her family members were presented in front of their church and an announcement by Prophet Pasvani was made that they had given a car to the church.

He said there was no form of agreement or any document in their church records to show the sale of the vehicle but it was a straight donation from the family.

He said the car was later used by the prophet before it was sold to a third part whilst Blantina was still a member of the church.

In cross-examination, Mugabe’s lawyer argued that the prophet had fabricated his story and coached his witnesses to say Blantina had donated the vehicle.

The counsel also alleged that the man of God had duped the Mugabes and coached his witnesses to mislead the court.

According to the Mugabes, they are owed the $4 500 purchase price for their vehicle.

Pasvani closed his submissions through another ex-member Isaac Makina now based in Kadoma.

Through their defense counsel, the Mugabes will file their closing submissions on October 24.

Magistrate Milton Serima has set November 8 to deliver a ruling over the matter.

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