Civil Registry employee implicated in human trafficking case

Zvikomborero Parafini 

An employee of the Mazowe Civil Registry was yesterday dragged to court charged with human trafficking and criminal abuse of duty after he allegedly manufactured false documents for young girls who were to be trafficked to China.

Stuyvesant Nhamburo (56) appeared before Harare magistrate Marewanazvo Gofa.

His accomplices, Chinese national Chen Dehu, Joseph Rabson, Shame Mafido and Ephraim Dzumbunu, appeared in court last week.

The court heard that Nhamburo and his accomplices connived to traffick two minors to China as child brides.

Nhamburo, the principal processing officer at Mazowe Civil Registry, Mbire, forged BD1 forms purporting that the two girls were born in Mazowe District so that they could be issued with birth certificates and national identity documents. 

He allegedly altered their ages by back dating dates of registration to August 18, 2004, instead of December 30, 2014, as depicted on one of the girls’ birth certificates. He altered the other one to July 10, 2007, instead of February 28, 2012.

This was done to suit the age of marriage in China 

Armed with BD1 forms, Nhamburo went on to process and authorise the issuance of fraudulent birth certificates and national identity documents in respect of the two minors so that they could apply for passports, non-marriage certificates and other relevant travelling documents.

Anesu Chirenje prosecuted.

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