Mangaliso Kabulika

THE Essential Book Writers Association is launching a Creative Kids at Essentials (CKE) programme on April 1 to identify, nurture, support, promote and showcase the writings and artwork of children in Zimbabwe.

The programme will train children in short story writing, poetry, art and entrepreneurship, and conduct writing and drawing competitions, offering prizes to motivate and rewarding young talent.

Participants who complete the course successfully will receive certificates to acknowledge their dedication and achievements.

The programme will enhance children’s composition writing and reading skills, and help them excel in their English and Shona exams.

Aleck Kaposa, chairperson of the Essential Book Writers Association, said there is an abundance of talent among children, yet much of it remains undeveloped.

“The aim is to unleash their full potential by providing necessary resources and guidance, and parents are encouraged to actively engage in the programme, as their involvement plays a crucial role in supporting the creative endeavours of their children.

“We believe this programme will not only ignite a passion for writing and art, but also enhance children’s composition writing and reading skills.

“Additionally, it will assist them in excelling in their exams,” said Kaposa.

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