Clattenburg flees Egypt

26 Jan, 2023 - 00:01 0 Views
Clattenburg flees Egypt Mark Clattenburg


Mark Clattenburg has left his job as the head of Egypt’s refereeing committee over safety concerns, after reportedly receiving threats from a set of supporters and personal attacks from club officials.

The former Premier League referee took up the role last August, where he was tasked with boosting the performance of officials in Egypt.

But Clattenburg has been heavily criticised by Mortada Mansour, the president of Zamalek Sporting Club, the 14-time record winners of the Egyptian Premier League.

Mansour criticised Clattenburg’s role within Egyptian football. In one TV appearance, Mansour called out the Englishman for corruption while holding a similar role in Saud Arabia, describing him as a ‘bribed man’ and suggesting that he gave certain referees certain matches in order to ensure the matches finished early. The claims are entirely baseless.

Clattenburg, who is understood to be estranged from his wife Claire, has also faced allegations from Mansour about his personal life.

It has incorrectly been claimed he had left his wife to start a gay relationship.

Although same-sex sexual activity is not explicitly criminalised in Egypt, LGBT people have been prosecuted on the charge of ‘debauchery’ in the past and there is little public acceptance of homosexuality.

The former referee had reportedly not been paid two months of his £32 000 a month salary. Daily Mirror.

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