Co-wives at loggerheads

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Co-wives at loggerheads


12 February 2019

Delight Kabiseni

A CITY woman is at loggerheads with her husband’s first wife, who is allegedly disturbing her peace.

Tendai Kusaya applied for a protection order against her husband’s first wife Pauline Kawocha citing verbal and physical abuse.

“She is my husband’s first wife but she assaults me at my place of residence.

“She also insults me,” said Kusaya.

Kusaya wanted Kawocha to stop visiting her place of residence and workplace.

“I want her to stop insulting and assaulting me,” she said.

Kawocha disputed allegations.

“I never assaulted and insulted her.

“I only visited her house when I was inquiring from her if she was having an affair with my husband.

“I advised her to move to my house so that we would live as a family since I am tired of doing laundry, cooking and taking care of the husband whilst she is enjoying his salary,” she said.

Presiding magistrate Tafadzwa Miti granted the protection order in Kusaya’s order.

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