Coco bids winter Farewell

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Coco bids winter Farewell Tapfumanei Munenge (left)


1 August 2017

Tapfumanei Munenge (left)

FASHION designer Tapfumanei Munenge, better known as Coco, will be showcasing his new collection at a fashion show that will be held at New Dehli Palace in Greystone Park, Harare.

The show which is being presented by The Web Inc will see fellow designer David Mnaba showcase his works too.

The new collection has been titled The Farewell and the show organisers are said to have carefully selected the models and have included different sizes as opposed to the standard size.

“My last collection was Pink Persuasion and I named the new one The Farewell as we wave goodbye to harsh winter tones and welcoming summer with brighter warmer side of nature.

“As a fashion entrepreneur you are expected to show at least twice each year for both seasons so as we approach September which is the January of fashion the best way is to put out your best foot forward and showcase your talent

“Well we cater for people of all sizes so for the casting as long as you can sissy that walk you are good to go,” Munenge said.

The designer would not reveal the theme colors for the new collection and jokingly said they are toxic as he did not want to pre-empt before the show.

The Web Inc which will be hosting the show was founded by Munenge and Mnaba.

They will also be showcasing their intern Cynthia Mabhande on the day of the show.

“As for the colours I will let everyone be exposed to them on the show because they are toxic.

“The inspiration behind The Farewell was bringing out the 1950s glam and striking the balance between the emancipation of women and gender bending queers.

“The venue is our showroom so it is best to host it was there as our clients can relate to the venue already,” Munenge told H-Metro.

The designers hosted their model search last month and have said that they chose models who they feel will be able to push their brands effectively.

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