College unveils state-of-the art campus

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Renowned educational institution, Irene Christian College has unveiled a new state-of-the-art campus.

This development marks a new era for the college, offering secondary school students an extraordinary learning environment.

The campus, separate from the esteemed Happy Primary School, is designed to inspire and nurture young minds.

In an interview, Irene Christian College headmaster Albert Zinyemba said:

“Under the visionary leadership of Mr. Gerald Machiri, the principal of Irene Christian College, the institution has reintroduced life skills into its curriculum, offering practical skills ranging from cooking and sewing to coding and basic car maintenance.

“In addition, the college has established an Innovation Hub Center, empowering students to explore emerging fields and engage in hands-on projects.

“The campus features cutting-edge infrastructure, including individual labs for each science discipline, ensuring students have unparalleled opportunities for hands-on exploration and experimentation.”

Zinyemba said the computer lab is equipped with the latest technological advancements.

“With a commitment to fostering collaboration and creativity, Irene Christian College’s spacious and modern architectural design provides an environment that stimulates intellectual growth,” he said.

“The college is also constructing a state-of-the-art sports field, aiming to expand their sports program and nurture the talents of their students, with the goal of becoming the school with the highest number of students representing Zimbabwe at the prestigious Olympics.

“Irene Christian College takes a unique approach to the IGCSE curriculum, allowing students to commence specialisation as early as Form 2.

“By completing the IGCSE syllabus by the end of Form 3, students have ample time for comprehensive revision and focused exam preparation, ensuring they approach their final exams with confidence.”

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