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COMEBACK KID ZAKA ZAKA OPENS UP Zaka Zaka (left) with Orchestra Mberikwazvo family


Trust Khosa, Assistant News Editor

RHYTHM guitarist Zakaria Zakaria says he feels at home serving the Orchestra Orchestra Mberikwazvo family after a long hiatus.

The former Chilli Boys leader, who rejoined his employer last year, said he was grateful to management and fans even though he had to wait a little bit longer before meeting them.


“I have always believed in my brother Alick Macheso’s good heart after he took me back at the height of the Covid-19 induced lockdown as one of his own.


“I have always belonged here but I had to make a brave decision after trying to do something on my own for nine years,” said the soft-spoken guitarist on the sidelines of Macheso’s show held at Jongwe Corner last weekend.


Zaka Zaka said he would not read much into people calling him a failure after rejoined Macheso.


“In life we need to swallow our pride, do the right thing each time that we do something undesirable.


“I had wronged fans but I am happy that with the relaxation of the Covid-19 regulations I can now meet them and interact with them.


“People must always learn to forgive and forget since life is too short,” he said.


In another interview with H-Metro Entertainment & Lifestyle, Macheso’s right hand man and spokesperson Tich Makahamadze said they have an open door policy at their star-studded outfit.


“Zaka Zaka has always been part of the family and that is why he easily settled when he returned home.


“Of course it has taken a long time before he could perform before live audience due to lockdown but we are happy that he can now interact with them.


“Besides some virtual shows he performed, we have been waiting for the resumptions of gigs so that he meets his fans.


“As you know, each band member is special since they have their own personal fans who come to see them,” he said.


Makahamadze said he was grateful to fans who continue to support them.


He however urged them to adhere to the Covid-19 regulations since the monster is still in our midst.


“I know with the relations of the regulations; some people tend to get excited or reckless but the fight is still own.


“In our case we continue abiding to the curfew times so that we are not cause offside,” he said.

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