Comedian hails H-Metro

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Comedian hails H-Metro Boss Lappa


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Versatile comedian Last “Boss Lappa” Mashaishe held H-Metro for giving him exposure after one of his skits praising the tabloid went viral.

The 33-year-old said he will remain indebted to the paper for giving him the platform to shine after his skit titled “H-Metro” was shared on the publication’s social media handles.

Boss Lappa

“When did that skit and forwarded it to H-Metro, my life has changed as many followers are now after my services.


“In life there are somethings that we take for granted but never underestimate the power of the media.

Boss Lappa (right)

“I will forever cherish the good work our publication has done for us,” he said.


Boss Lappa who is doing very well with his skits hailed the publication for whipping hotheads in life.


“H-Metro has come at the right time when people’s bahaviour had become a cause for concern.


“People are now responsible for their actions  and those who are caught off-side know that there is H-Metro, our popular tabloid,” he said.


Like most players in the creative sector, Boss Lappa said he was not spared by the effects of Covid-19.


“I have since realised that I can’t reply on comedy alone but I have since branched into business ,”  he added.

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