Comedian wins awards

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Comedian wins awards Brighton Munaku


Eltina Chagonda, Entertainment Reporter

Comedian and lecturer Brighton Munaku, aka Chamu wekutsvaga Pablo, scooped the Education Award last Friday at Zvishavane Youth Awards held at Pote Hill Hotel.

The hilarious entertainer could not hide his elation after scooping two gongs.

Brighton Munaku

“I felt so honoured when I received a call being told about the two nominations for the Arts & Culture then the Education categories.


“I was not sure about the final outcome whether I was going to win but the fact that I had been nominated, it was more to me.

Brighton Munaku receiving the award

“When I was announced the winner in the Education Category, I was so happy and it’s a good feeling seeing people celebrating with you,” he said.


Manaku said he chose to be dressed in a school uniform at the event since he was the Education nominee.


“I decided to wear the uniform because I knew everyone was going to crack their heads looking for the best suits in town and there was competition as we had been told there was going to be an award for the best dressed nominee.


“I thought of going my own way and at the same as someone who had been nominated in the education category, the uniform was going to suit well,” he added.


Manaku encouraged Zimbabwean artists to continue shining and pursue their talents.


“To all the artists in my nation I urge you not to get tired in pursuing your talents.


“The fact that you feel like doing something, it means you can do it and do not allow anyone to stop you from achieving your goal,” said Munaku.


He added:


” We all have special talents and we will never be the same so no-one has power to discourage the dreams you have.”


Manaku  is well known in some of the productions such as “Pablo” which featured on ZBCtv as Chamu, 1215 comedy and Toro the tribe which broadcasted on DSTV Zambezi Magic channel.


Munaku is the Film and Arts lecturer at Midlands State University (MSU).


“As the lecturer of Filming at MSU I educate and participate in the films of my students like the feature film called Kinky that we working on currently,” he said.

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