Comedian yearns for recognition

Runyararo Ndaramo

WATERFALLS-BASED comedian, Tendai “Facepowder” Chitehwe, is yearning for recognition.

He says he has been battling to make a big impression in the past three years.

He feels there is less recognition in comedy and poetry.

“I chose to be a comedian since it was always in my veins from childhood.

“I have been in the industry for three years, but nothing much is showing that I exist.

“I once performed a poetry titled Chimunhu.

“I know I am good pazvese zvandoita nekuti ndoita nemoyo,” he said.

Chitehwe said despite performing, he remains someone who is largely unknown.

Ndakamboita my performance in Karoi, Epworth and Chinhoyi but I have never been appreciated and, instead, they will say ndopenga because of my dressing.

“If you compare African countries, Zimbabwe in particular, with other countries, you will get to see the difference because here to be a comedian hazvibhadhare.”

Apart from being a poet, he is also a tailor and a designer.

“I design my own clothing which I use on stage.

“This is my trademark and it helps me to be recognised when I am performing anywhere.

“I love comedy and I hope one day I will be recognised, just like other artists, in this industry.”

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