Comic Pastor ‘anoints’ Mbeu backing vocalist

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Comic Pastor ‘anoints’ Mbeu backing vocalist Comic Pastor and team


Trust Khosa, Assistant News Editor

VERSATILE entertainer and comedian, Comic Pastor, this week gave back to the creative sector by recording Mbeu’s backing vocalist Feli Nandi’s video on zero budget.

Simply titled Kukurumidza, the video was short at Studio Art Pictures using an I-Phone 11 Promax.

Comic Pastor, who also doubles as videographer was the director of the video.

In interview, the affable script-writer/actor said he was committed towards uplifting fellow players in the creative sector who are struggling. On Covid-19 lockdown

“With the majority of artistes failing to record music videos due to high costs incurred, we shot Feli Nandi’s video using an I-Phope 11 Promax.

“by so doing, we wanted to prove that we can also use our advanced gargets to good use  and this video is a clear testimony of what I have always wanted in as far as helping fellow artists,” he said.

Asked how the experience was working with Feli Nandi, Comic Pastor said:

“Firstly, I take her for my daughter and she takes me for her spiritual father and elder and it was nice working together on this album.

“The video was shot at Studio Art Pictures and we took some of the scenes in Norton  and Mabelreign; we were mainly targeting sunset and the concept came out very well as we have anticipated.

“It took us two days to work on the project and I am glad that we finally came up with something that we can show to the work.

“In as far as her personality in concerned, she is a hard-working artistes who is hungry for success and passionate about her work.”

He added:

“Besides being a backing vocalist of a big artiste like Mbeu, she was humble even when we did the audio with a young producer called Alicias of Alicias Studios.

“As it stands, we are grateful to the good work she has done and we hope to complement her in a big way and ensure she realise her dreams.

“After all, she has a number of refreshing singles that we hope will propel her to acclaim.”

Meanwhile, Feli nandi recently celebrated her 28th birthday by launching her clothing line, Feli Nandi Apparel.

Last month, she also release a titled Ndega Ndada, which has an accompanying video.

Other singles that she has released comprise Woman dedicated to her mother, Mbeu’s cover version of Hazvinei, Ndibateiwo among others.

The ever-smiling Feli Nandi is a mother two boys – aged seven and four years respectively.


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