Commuters concerned over toilets

22 Jul, 2020 - 10:07 0 Views
Commuters concerned over toilets Closed toilets


Zvikomborero Parafini, H-Metro Reporter

Commuters who use public transport have raised concerns over the early closure of public toilets considering the ongoing transport challenges.

The early closure of public toilets is prompting travellers to excrete on pavements in ranks in their long waits for transport.

Due to the Covid-19 lockdown, most businesses are closing at 4:30pm but commuters spend hours waiting for transport due to the acute transport challenges.

The alternative become paid toilets with the payment required in cash.

One commuter Jesca Magwa at Simon Muzenda Street bus terminus, yesterday told H-Metro that the situation needed to be addressed with urgency.

“We are really facing difficulties at ranks because we are spending so much time; council should extend their hours of operation.

“I am pregnant so I can’t spend more than three hours without using the toilet yet we are at the rank for over four hours without getting transport.

“I have no choice but to help myself on the pavements and won’t have anywhere to wash my hands afterwards, but to be honest its very degrading, we are being robbed of a basic right,” she added.

City of Harare spokesperson Michael Chideme said the toilets will continue being closed at 4pm because the lockdown is still in place.

“We are still operating with skeletal staff because the lockdown is still in place, so we want our employees to be able to get public transport on time.

“With regards to the payment of toilets, citizens cannot expect to get all municipal services for free as we are also an entity trying to raise revenue in order to give good service delivery,” he said.

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