Consumers hail availability of cash

13 Nov, 2019 - 09:11 0 Views
Consumers hail availability of cash


Michelle Karaga, H-Metro Reporter

ZIMBABWEANS have hailed the availability of cash in banks saying the move will go a long way towards curbing the black market where they were being charged extra to get hard cash.

A survey conducted by H-Metro in the capital yesterday pointed to consumers getting $300 withdrawals which they said was important to service their transport fares and some goods which needed cash in homes.

Although there were long queues at banks, depositors waited for their turns to withdraw money from banking halls without any incidences.

“I really hope that the money will bring change and help the people who are suffering from cash shortages,” said a bank teller from a local bank in the capital who preferred anonymity.

Speaking to H-Metro, CABS account holder David Dube said he managed to withdraw $200 worth of coins from his bank account after waiting in a queue for around one hour.

“I am happy today because I won’t be paying premiums on the streets to get cash. It was frustrating to give premiums on the streets so that I get cash back.”

“It is now easier for me to get money for transport and other necessities which need cash without struggling.”

“I hope the banks will continue giving us cash because we no longer want to be robbed of our money in the streets,” said Hogo.

One Monalisa Chaka said she was also happy with the availability of money because it would help her in the wake of cash crisis in the country.

“I came to the bank early in the morning around 7am to get money so that I can give my children who commute every day to school to use for transport.

“I have joy because I was struggling with getting cash and today I am going to get cash from the bank and help with buying goods that only need cash,” said Chaka.

A local bank teller who preferred anonymity said they were expecting busy days ahead with a lot of people coming to withdraw cash.

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