Latwell Nyangu and Maria Chiguvari

CONTROVERSY has marred the funeral of a baker following the disappearance of over US$2500 condolence funds, which was collected at her funeral.

Reports are that some friends contributed the money towards the funeral of their colleague, Ethel Madori.

The 33-year-old died last week and around US$25000 was raised by fellow bakers through four friends — Yvonne Chihota, Catherine Chakwera, Beauty Shumba and Nomsa Majakwara.

Ethel died mysteriously as she was coming from a school run.

She left behind three children.

During the funeral, a beast was slaughtered and some of the money was channelled towards catering, according to a statement by the four.

A family member said they didn’t get any money from the contributions.

“I am the family member and we never received any funds from the group.”

Contacted for comment, Catherine said she was driving and would respond later.

However, a member of the bakers association said the money was not accounted for.

“We have the issue of a baker who died recently and the Bakers in Zimbabwe contributed money to assist her family.

“Unfortunately, those close to her used the money and are not willing to provide a detailed report on how they used the funds from over 1000 people.

THE LATE Ethel Madori

“The money is almost US$3000 and the contributions were done from Monday to Wednesday last week.

“So, they created a closed group where funeral announcements were being made.”

She added:

“So, we just waited for an update of how much we had contributed only for them to just come and tell us that they collected US$2,500 and everything was used.

“Like vakazongoti mari yapera, without consulting the group, and also failed to give us a detailed account of how they used the money.”

Another contributor said they want proper explanations.

“Food yaivepo, kwakauraiwa mombe kunhamo, vanhu vanobika vaivepo kunhamo vaingobika, so mari yakaitei iyi?”

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