Convict lures same minor after release

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Convict lures same minor after release Phillip Nyangenga


Melissa Makoto and Arron Nyamayaro

 A SELF-STYLED prophet, who was released from prison after appealing against both his conviction and sentence, pounced on his teenage victim again.

He has been living with her, as husband and wife, since July last year.


Phillip Nyangenga (38) was jailed in May last year for raping a 15-year-old girl.


He was released when he appealed against both conviction and sentence.


He then lured the teenage girl, who is set to turn 16, again.


His promise was that he intended to marry her and had some spiritual powers which had helped him come out of jail after just a few months.


Madzibaba Phillip of Epworth served one month in jail before successfully appealing against both conviction and sentence.


He used the freedom to, once again, lure his victim arguing that he has spiritual powers.


His victim and her guardian were convinced and allowed him to live with the minor as husband and wife.


He promised to pay lobola once the girl turned 18.


Madzibaba Phillip told H-Metro he only served about 10 months for raping the minor.


The victim told H-Metro Madzibaba Phillip convinced her guardian that he has spiritual powers which had protected him from serving his full term of the rape sentence.


“We were shocked to see Madzibaba Phillip walking free a few months after attending court, where he was sentenced to 15 years, if I’m not mistaken,” said the victim.


“He came and told me and my grandmother that the case had failed to see him serve the full sentence because he has spiritual powers.


“He invited me to his house where he caressed me and we ended up living together.


“What irked me was that he would invite other women into the one-roomed house and bed them in the name of cleansing them.


“It affected my affection for him and I decided to run away from him leaving my belongings in his house,” she said.


When H-Metro arrived at Madzibaba Phillip’s homestead, his victim was demanding her belongings arguing that she could not stand living with him, together with other women.


Madzibaba Phillip confirmed luring his victim arguing that he intended to marry her once she turned 18 years.


He claimed he was slapped with a 10-month sentence before he appealed.


“I was sentenced to 10 months and they deducted four months, I then appealed against conviction and sentence,” said Madzibaba Phillip.


“I am still waiting for a court date zvekutoti kutaura kudai ndichitori musungwa.


“I was released from prison in June last year.


“Ndakazomuvhevhetedza ndikagara naye semudzimai wangu asi ndanga ndakatarisira kuzoroora akura.


“I received reports that she was dating another man and that is why I decided to date other women in her presence and she left my house leaving her belongings,” said Madzibaba Phillip.


Madzibaba Phillip’s victim packed her belongings in the presence of H-Metro and left in the company of her grandmother’s tenant.

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