Convict Ronnie files for bail pending appeal

Zvikomborero Parafini

CONVICTED former night club manager, Ronald Ngwenya, who is serving a 12-year prison sentence for aggravated indecent assault, has filed an application for bail pending appeal.

Ngwenya was convicted after a full trial by Harare magistrate, Fadzai Mthombeni, in July.

Ngwenya has filed an appeal at the High Court against his conviction and sentence.

He was convicted of sexually abusing his teenage niece.

He was acquitted of the two rape charges but was convicted of aggravated indecent assault on the two charges.

He was also convicted of indecent assault by magistrate Fadzai Mthombeni.

“The agreed facts of the case were that the accused and the child had a good relationship and he had taken care of her since she was in Grade One,” said Mthombeni in her judgment.

“It was agreed that there were seven people in the house, the parents, two other children, the maid, the complainant and one Owen, who is a 30-year-old.

“The child was taken to the doctor and was found with a bruise and the hymen was stretched, the State alleged that accused committed the offense,” she said.

She went on to give her findings on the medical affidavit which was tendered by prosecutor Zvikomborero Mupasa when he opened his case and found that it confirmed that she had been violated.

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