Convicted teacher still to register children

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13 September 2018

A 47-year-old primary school teacher convicted of raping three pupils at Chitekete area in Gokwe failed to acquire birth certificates for his four children with different mothers until his incarceration.

Nhamo Tititi who was convicted and sentenced to 30 years in prison in 2010 but is serving 15 years effective told H-Metro that he had a habit of divorcing wives and is still to register birth certificates for his four children.

Tititi who committed the offence during one term when he was a temporary teacher at the school said his four children were not attending school because of failure to have birth certificates.

“I was convicted of rape and I want to believe that God is punishing me for failing to manage my family,” said Tititi.

“I had a habit of marrying and divorcing wives; I married four wives but none of the children from those marriages has a birth certificate.

“One of my children was arrested for assault after he fought with others since he is into illegal gold panning.

“He is no longer going to school and I feel I’m being punished for separating with my wives willy nilly and this has affected my life and I regret it.

“My wife visited me while I was still in remand prison almost two years ago at Gokwe prison before my conviction.

“Failing to find a legal representative for two years I was on remand taught me a lesson and I want to believe that people out there must make sure they do not commit crime.

“Mucourt munotaurwa mutauro usinganzwisisike nemalawyers hanzi modus oparanda ndakatozvozviziva ndavakujeri kuti zvinoreva kuti methods of operation.

“There is no rehearsal of what to say before the courts and many of us end up behind bars for failure to express our words in court,” said Tititi.

He pleaded with the lawmakers to relook into rape cases to involve DNA tests arguing that most of them are cooked by women who want to fix men.

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