Zvikomborero Parafini 

FLORENCE Behane Pambukani will spend two more nights in remand prison after the State was ordered to secure an extract of her previous conviction from 1995.

The State, represented by Rufaro Chonzi, opposed bail arguing that Pambukani is an ex-convict and is, therefore, an unsuitable candidate for bail.

Asked to produce the CRB number, Chonzi sought a postponement to allow the investigating officer to retrieve the record from the National Archives.

The bail application resumes tomorrow.

It means Pambukani would have spent the six days behind bars since her arrest on Friday.

Pambukani is accused of duping a desperate land seeker of US$21 500.

The complainant is Clemence Ngwenduna.

Allegations are that in April 2016, Pambukani, through her son, Jeffrey Tendai Kariwo, sold a residential stand and entered into a Memorandum of Agreement of Sale for share number 5494 in Borrowdale estate with Tawanda Chamunorwa, for the sum of US$15 900.

The purchase price was paid in cash through Antonio & Dzvetero Legal Practitioners Trust Account.

It is the State’s case that on February 13, last year, Pambukani sold the same property to Ngwenduna for US$15 900.

The amount was paid through Mutuso, Taruvinga & Mhiribidi Attorneys.

She allegedly made him pay US$5 600, which she said was conveyancing fees.

Ngwenduna, through his lawyers, made several follow-ups on the transfer but Pambukani became evasive.

Ngwenduna inquired about the status of the stand at the Registrar of Deeds Offices and discovered that the stand belonged to Tawanda Chamunorwa.

Ngwenduna reported the matter to the Zimbabwe Anti-Corruption Commission who, after Investigations, established that indeed the stand was registered in the name of Tawanda Chamunorwa who had bought it from Pambukani.

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