Lovemore Dube in BULAWAYO

ZIMBABWE football legend, Alexander ‘Cool Ruler’ Maseko, has urged ZIFA to consider a former Warriors player, with the right profile and exposure, for the national team coaching job.

ZIFA are on the hunt for national team coaches.

“We have former Warriors players who have won big abroad,” said Maseko. 

“Players who have played for top clubs at a very high level and in the dressing rooms that they have been to, they have shared the locker room with guys of influence in today’s football.

“Getting as many Zimbabweans to play abroad and improve the skills and competition base for the Warriors would be a plus. 

“That would also help families and communities when more boys get to play professional football abroad and they return to enhance our national teams and help financially back home.”

Methembe Ndlovu, Max Lunga, Kaitano Tembo, Wilfred and William Mugeyi, George Mbwando, Norman Mapeza, Noel Kaseke, Bruce Grobbelaar and Ian Gorowa are some of the Zimbabweans who have played abroad and have coaching credentials.

“You know Bruce played in Canada for Vancouver Whitecaps, Liverpool and a couple of other clubs, he played and coached in South Africa,” said Maseko. 

“His worldwide appeal as a legend is magic. 

“He will get an audience in the football and corporate world and it’s the kind of turn around our football, a charismatic individual.

“There are a whole lot of guys with international appeal who have played here in South Africa and for the Warriors. 

“There are guys like Norman, Lunga, Kaitano and young Methembe Ndlovu in the US. There is Charles Mhlauri, Henry Moyo, Eddie Mukahanana, Phil Mbofana and others from Zimbabwe, but none has Bruce’s profile to make a commercial and football appeal.”

Maseko said the future lies in patience with whoever is given the job.

“He is not coming to achieve from an event but the success path should be a process, where there is a road map with time lines until we reach the World Cup. 

“But, between now and then, development is key and that means also placing our players abroad to play in top leagues and get the requisite experience to challenge players of other national teams who play in top divisions in Europe.

“This is the time for Zimbabweans to rally behind the national team project and the game in its entirety by placing the right man for the job.”

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