Arron Nyamayaro

A COP has approached a traditional court demanding lobola from a man who raped her 13-year-old daughter.

Irked by the community service sentence given to Hardlife Kumadzi (45), the policewoman felt the rapist deserved more punishment after destroying her daughter’s life.

She approached Chief Chinamhora’s court demanding that Hardlife pays lobola.

“This man destroyed my daughter’s life. My daughter was brilliant, but she was a raped few months before writing her (Grade 7) examinations,” she said as tears flowed down her cheeks.

“She came out with 48 units. I want him to pay for destroying my daughter’s life.

“My daughter is now hooking up with several men for sex because of him.

“It is my prayer that this court hears my case and addresses it accordingly.”

Hardlife claimed he met the teenage girl at a nightclub at Domboshava Showground and he could not pay lobola for a “sex worker.”

He said:

Ndakasangana naye mubhawa ndikaenda naye kumba saka handingamuroore.

“It is true that I stayed with her for some days, but I can’t pay lobola, damage or whatever you might call it.”

Chief Chinamhora said he had no jurisdiction on criminal matters.

“It is a criminal offence to rape.

“The minor was raped three years ago and the case was heard by a magistrate.

“According to our traditional values, it is a taboo to have sexual intercourse with a minor.

Hatitendere kuti varume varare nevanasikana zvinechisimba.

“Kana mwanasikana akura ukarara nemudzimai iyeye unofanira kubvisa muripo.

“Hardlife you cannot tell this court that you hooked up with a minor and lived with her as your wife for some days.

Ndiyo tsika yako here yekukecha mubhawa wogara nemunhu wacho?”

“Because you had sexual intercourse with the victim, you are supposed to pay damage to the mother.”

Hardlife was ordered to pay four beasts, equivalent to US$400 each, to the girl’s mother before October 31.

The girl had been left home alone while her mother went to a funeral when Hardlife lured her to his house.

He detained and raped her for seven days.

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