Cop tackles crime through film

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Cop tackles crime through film Stephen Mutsago


Latwell Nyangu, H-Metro Reporter

A Mutare based police officer has vowed to raising awareness against crime through film-making.

Stephen Mutsago, who is stationed as District Press and Public Relations officer in Mutare says his scripts are based on the inspiration from crime activities since he has 9 years of service in the police force.

Stephen Mutsago

He is the executive producer of a crime action movie called Vicious Circle, a movie by the ZRP expected to be out this August.


“I started filming early 2020 and I worked on SCALENE Crime Series which is a 10 Episode series and two of them are already on YouTube.

Stephen Mutsago

“I also produced a feature film called Ngozi with three other production companies in Mutare and we distributed it through Castly Pay Per View Platform.


“In filming I am more aligned to crime stories; I do not make films on behalf of ZRP but rather privately.


“I roped in ZRP on this current project and the reason being the story plot which had more to do with crime and the police.


“I thus asked for permission from the ZRP to use their human and material resources,” he said.


Mutsago said the story line of the upcoming movie is about investigating a murder case.


“The story is about a competent young police officer named HOD who strategically and boldly investigates the mysterious murder of his sister and a robbery case that ended with the deserved apprehension of a criminal organisation called DETROIT led by Okenge.


“The feature film is 1 hr 30 minutes long and is hitting the screen on August 7, on an Online platform called PlayAfrika TV in adherence to Covid-19 regulations that do not encourage gatherings.


“A cinema setup premiere is not going to be easy.


“My aim is to raise awareness on crime through film, unearthing wrongdoing and putting the corrupt to justice,” he added.


He also said the ZRP is very supportive of the initiative.


“The ZRP is always supportive to its members who come up with initiatives that raise the flag of the organisation high as well as self-development.


“I work closely with SANKO Martial Arts Academy led by Grandmaster Grayton Chibonga as well as ZimNinja (Wilfred Mashaya).


“Whenever there is crime there is resistance and these martial arts masters help in stunt creations.


“I also make use of renowned local film directors and recently this current film was directed by Igie Matope,” he added.

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