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8 August 2018

A POLICE officer, who did not show up at the maintenance court, will have to pay $300 per month for the upkeep of his two children.

Initially, the applicant Joslin Pandiwa wanted her husband Greetings Mangwende to pay $350 per month but the court ruled that he pays $300 in default.

In her maintenance application, Pandiwa wrote:

“I want $350 from him as maintenance for our two children, a nine-year old and a six-year old.

“Both children are in school and their school fees is $120 per term and is for one child, so in total its $240.

“We are both staying together but he does not pay rent anymore and he does not have any family as far as am concerned.”

Asked by the court if she was employed, she said:

“No but I am a vendor and I sometimes get $100 per month.

“My husband gets $500 as his monthly salary but he still doesn’t pay rent and attend to the needs of our children.”

Unfortunately, Mangwende did not attend court and the presiding magistrate granted the in default maintenance order of $300 per month with effect from August 31.

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