Corporates assist Glen View

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Corporates assist Glen View Sean Smith


25 September 2018

Sean Smith

The corporate world continues to give support to Glen View residents with an array of companies last week assisting with 22 bowsers of purified water in efforts to contain cholera.

Among the companies which donated 22 by 10 000 litres are Zambezi Brands, SPAR Zimbabwe, KAPDIS Kapenta, Dendairy, Pro-brands, Pro-bottlers, Netrade, Brands Africa, Gikko, Lucky Star, 360 Branding, SPAR Magic Moments Gokwe and Fresh trade.

Zambezi Brands owner, Sean Smith said:

“We donated 22 by 10 000 litres water bowsers of tested clean drinking water for the cholera affected residents here (Glen View).

“We simply wanted to assist the affected communities in Glen View with clean drinking water; this community is the most severely affected at this time.

“Desperate situations call for desperate measures so we had to act quickly to avoid any further spread of cholera.”

Smith vowed to offer relief to other affected areas.

“We will always keep an eye on events and happenings in our communities to see where best we can try assist, as we are fully aware that there is a long way to go in terms of rebuilding our communities and country as a whole,” he said.

Similar sentiments were echoed by Spar Zimbabwe’s public relations officer, Louise McAllister.

“As Spar Zimbabwe we are assisting the community that is having a problem.

“We giving them clean water to end cholera,” she said.

Zambezi Brands have products like Lucky Star Sardines, Magnesol Oil Saving Powder, Haka Charcoal (ZW product), KURO Bo water purification products, Sable Cigarettes (ZW product), Zambezi Moringa (ZW product) and Footprints Zimbabwe Magazine (ZW product).

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