Correctional Queens gunning for title

18 Mar, 2019 - 13:03 0 Views
Correctional Queens gunning for title


Shelly Guni, Sports Reporter

RAINBOW Amateur Netball League defending champions Correctional Services Queens are aiming to successfully defend their domestic title ahead of the 2019 netball which starts on March 23.

The team, which won the inaugural RANL title last year with an unbeaten run, are fully aware that the road is not going to be easy since most teams are gunning for their defeat.

The Prison officers last year walked home $20 000 richer with medals and a trophy to complement their championship.
Assistant coach, Naftali Nyanguru said the team is at an advanced stage of their preparations.

“Most teams are preparing for us. We hope to maintain our unbeaten run although it is not going to be an easy task.

“Our aim is to go and win matches, after we win we will be able to talk more. It’s too early to predict anything now,” he said.

Asked about the quality and caliber of players his team has, Nyanguru said:

“They work very hard. They are determined and motivated. They are eager to deliver more this season after last year’s prize money that they received.”

Although most teams are working hard to upset the former Zimbabwe Netball Association Super League champions, Correctional Services Queens are not bothered.

“We don’t have any new signings, we only have returnees. Most of our players who were on maternity leave are back as well as those who were at school.

“So far our preparations are half way. We can’t say that we are thoroughly prepared to go and face other teams, as technical team we can note were our weaknesses are and we are still working on that,” he said.

The team has played one friendly match so far and they are looking forward to play more friendlies before the start of the season if they are to get a chance.

Team captain, Edzai Nkosana who suffered a knee injury recently said she will be back on the court soon.

“Leading up to the upcoming season, the team has been focusing on strengthening connections and understanding on court.

“We’ve also put in extra time for fitness to ensure our bodies will be in an ideal state throughout the season.

“We are more powerful than last year. We have other players who were not playing last season ho are back.

“Nothing is going to stop us from retaining the title.”


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