‘Corruption erodes ubuntu’

17 Apr, 2019 - 18:04 0 Views
‘Corruption erodes ubuntu’


Esther Madambi, H-Metro Reporter

Corruption remains the leading cause for dilapidated infrastructure, poor social support systems, the mismanagement and ultimate closure of companies that support countless livelihoods, a senior cop has said.

Speaking at the official opening of the Zimbabwe Anti-Corruption Investigators Training Course, Deputy Director CID Anti-Corruption Assistant Commissioner Jealous Nyabara said corruption was a cancer slowly sipping away society’s lifeblood of Ubuntu\hunhu.

“People are increasingly finding it convenient to disregard dictates of the social contract with amazing impunity.

“Given the complexity surrounding the prosecution of corruption related crimes, a disturbingly large number of cases brought before the courts have either been either dismissed or their finalisation delayed due to a myriad of reasons

“I am however, optimistic that at the end of this training all investigators will be able to add impetus to the fight against corruption by compiling high quality dockets that can ensure that justice is served and is made fully aware that corruption has no place in Zimbabwe.”

He also added that zero tolerance stance to corruption entailed that there was no one above the law.

“All offenders regardless of rank or one’s stature in society will be brought to book.

“It is also crucial to note that corruption by law officers erodes trust in law enforcement systems.

“Therefore the law officers are required to selflessly serve our great motherland and remain true to the oath,” he said.

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