Cossy Rules: Tale of charming reality

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Cossy Rules: Tale of charming reality Cossy Rules


24 May 2018

Cossy Rules

HIS is a tale of charming reality that was inspired by hard hitting lyrics of Leonard Zhakata. It is the music of Leonard Zhakata that made him realise his dream. Fear of destiny – the divinity that shapes ends – gave COSMAS DAKA (COSSY RULES) courage to realise his dream. THE TREKKER has been on his usual journeys and bumped into the unsung hero in music promotions, football development, mining as well as charity. Growing up in the dusty streets of Kadoma’s Waverley suburb, Cossy Rules believes musicians should be involved in selecting the promoter of the year awards for NAMA which has been dogged with controversies for more than a decade. Read on. . .

TT: People have heard of the name Cossy Rules in songs by several musicians and people out there might what to know who Cossy Rules is.
CR: Cossy Rules was born Cosmas Daka in Kadoma where I did both my primary and secondary education. I learnt at Waverley Primary and Secondary Schools and finished my O’ Levels in 1998. I am 37 years old and grew up listening to much of Leonard Zhakata who has always been my inspiration. It was Tongai Moyo who then created Cossy Rules brand as he often sang about the name.

Cossy Rules and Leonard Zhakata

TT: Can you tell us more of your love for music?
CR: I grew up with a passion for music and I had my band where we would play our makeshift instruments and I was the lead singer. We had our own song and my inspiration was Zhakata. Oliver Mtukudzi was also one of my favourite. Above all I like songs by different musicians depending on the situation, time and place.

TT: You seem to be an unsung hero in music promotions. Who have you helped in music?
CR: Helping is in my blood. It is God given gift for me to give. I have assisted more than 2000 musicians to record their albums, songs and through promotions and instruments. I have a close relationship with Leonard Zhakata while I have also worked with the late Tongai Moyo, Suluman Chimbetu, Kapfupi, First Farai, Obvious Mutani and Somandla Ndebele, Jah Prayzah and many others. I have a father-son relationship with Peter Moyo because his father was a close pal of mine. Some of the musicians go for good and never come back while other divert the funds for other things.
Charity begins at home so they say. Here in Kadoma I have helped several musicians including Levy Magaya to record his album. People are different. You also get to situations where a musician won’t appreciate your help but that is the way it is. I do what I do to save a life.

Cossy Rules and Obvious Mutani

We also have musicians such as Obvious Mutani who need help. I gave him some money to record and he diverted the money saying he wanted to use it for campaigns saying he was popular to become an MP. He wanted to campaign in Harare South. We had to stop him from doing that. It was going to be joke of the century.
Musicians should choose promoters of the year and not some judges at NAMA there? Musicians know promoters they would have worked with in the year so they are the best judges.

TT: You once had a football team in Division One called Cossy Rules FC. What happened to it?
CR: Sure we had a football team but it is now defunct. We had become broke and the only option there was to sacrifice the football team so that other business units could continue surviving. We were relegated as we failed to fulfil some matches.

TT: And the passion of football. How did it start?
CR: I used to play football at school at Waverley and when I finished my O’ Level I started hustling to make ends meet and in the process I formed Cossy Rules Boozers where I also played. Later on, we joined Division 2 and we did very well gaining promotion to Division One in 2010. We were then relegated because of money problems. Imagine I would go to the stadium with $10 000 and return empty handed after meeting several costs.

TT: What was your vision with football?
CR: I wanted to be like Jomo Sono and I am glad I managed to achieve the feat to some extent. I wanted to play and also own a team as a passion. Those who mock Benza (Innocent) should know better what happens with passion. Benza has his passion in football and he also likes playing. Let him explore his dream. In all this I got inspiration from Zhakata to keep on working hard.

TT: On social media you always post pictures of yourself with the less fortunate. Is it a calling or one of those things so that you appear as a giver?
CR: Charity is in my blood. I started helping a certain woman who was visually impaired when I would get to town in the company of my mother. I would make it a point that I pass through where she begged from and I would deposit some coins into her plate. It is my wish to, one day, build a Cossy Rule Foundation towards helping and housing the less privileged.
TT: Do you have a relative at Jairos Jiri which you donate to mostly from the social media posts?
CR: Everyone is my relative. Jairos Jiri has many children so I go there on my birthday to dine with the less fortunate. They are my friends. And for the record I do not only assist Jairos Jiri but other centres and individuals as well.
There are 10 children at Waverley Primary School I pay fees for and we recently donated stationery to 10 schools in Kadoma.
There are also three children at Mayflower Primary School I help and I made sure some blocks are painted at Brompton. My wife has donated to ZAOGA where she attends church and we recently erected a security wall for Salvation Army church. It is a calling to help. I do not go around talking about it but it’s only that you have asked me that is why I talked about it. We go as far as Sanyati assisting the less privileged.
I also lead clean up campaigns around Kadoma and also have organised group to fill up potholes in the City of Gold (Kadoma).

Cossy Rules and Peter Moyo

TT: What business interests are you into?
CR: I am into mining, furniture and retail. We have mining interests and we also do milling of ore. I have four stamp mills in Kadoma with a staff complement of around 100 workers.

TT: Of late you have ventured into politics where you want to be a councillor for Waverley. What vision do you have for the country and ward?
CR: The people of Waverley where I grew up called me to help them. It is a call. When I am called who am I to deny people’s wishes? It is my vision that our economy blossoms for the betterment of all. Our President ED (Mnangagwa) wants our economy to thrive. He wants to make the country great again so it is us on the grassroots who must come in and help in making the country great again. Zimbabwe is open for business and as such I also declare that Kadoma and Waverley are open for business. By so doing we will reach greater heights.
The people of Kadoma had invited me to enter the race for MP but I said I should start by developing our ward where I have business interests. We want to be game changers and this will be seen by all I tell you. To the people of Ward 11 in Kadoma, they should know that their failure is my failure and my success is theirs. People will tell me what they want me to do and do according to their needs. It is my wish to build a pharmacy to help the people of Kadoma who have to get into town which is three or so kilometers away to get medication.

TT: We have talked a lot. Thank you very much for the interview.
CR: Ndinotenda imi.

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