Council clears clogged drainage systems

Talent Gore

THE Harare City Council is working to clear the city’s storm drainage infrastructure ahead of the rainy season to avoid flash flooding, which can damage roads and harm pedestrians and motorists.

The process is ongoing, especially in the central business district, where vendors contribute to blockages by throwing mealie cobs, rotten fruits and plastics into the drains.

The exercise is being undertaken in suburbs and, according to the council, will continue until all drainage systems are cleared.

A lack of bins and illegal vending has contributed to littering but the council has bought 1 500 drum bins that are being manufactured and will be installed to help tackle the problem.

Works and town planning chairperson, Takudzwa Dzumbunu, said the city council has started the drainage system clearing exercise since the rainy season is on the horizon. 

Writing on her X (formerly Twitter) account, Harare deputy mayor, Kudzai Kadzombe, said the exercise will help reduce the occurrence of flash flooding during the rainy season.

“Your council has started cleaning of storm water drains in preparation of the rains to prevent flooding,” she said.

“Residents spoke about the lack of bins in the CBD as one of the contributing factors to littering and council listened. 

“We have bought 1 500 drum bins that are being manufactured and will be installed.”

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