Mangaliso Kabulika

THE Harare City Council has announced that its clinics have stepped up their efforts in combating the ongoing cholera outbreak by offering free treatment for all diarrheal illnesses.

 The move comes as the City has witnessed a sharp rise in suspected and confirmed cholera cases, since the start of the current outbreak, with 87 suspected cases and 25 confirmed cases reported so far.

“The City is ramping up efforts to deal with the causes of cholera and hereby implores residents to also take the necessary precautions including presenting themselves at our medical facilities once cholera symptoms are exhibited.

“Council clinics are treating all diarrheal illnesses for free.

“Residents are urged to take the following measures and precautions such as washing hands before consumption of food and after using the toilet. 

“Avoid gatherings and eating at or preparing food at gatherings. Avoid handshaking at gatherings. 

“Treat all water regardless of source- use water guard, aquatabs, boiling and seek medical attention if symptoms develop of diarrhoea without vomiting,” said the Council statement.

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