Council dismisses abuse claims

17 Apr, 2019 - 18:04 0 Views
Council dismisses abuse claims Micheal Chideme


Letwin Ncube, H-Metro Reporter

The City of Harare has dismissed the claims that they are misusing ratepayers’ money.

In a statement Harare Residence Trust (HRT), alleged that the new Council is spending more time in workshops outside Harare than being with the ratepayers and addressing the unpaid salaries of council employees.

“The City of Harare is spending averagely $200 in hotel accommodation and meals per day on each delegate to the unnecessary workshops.

“The revenue and expenditure distribution in the City of Harare is skewed against the ratepayers, thus service delivery is not set to improve anytime soon.

“If the City of Harare wants the full cooperation and support of the ratepayers they must restore the ration of 70 percent towards service delivery and 30 percent for salaries, allowances and administration in their revenue distribution.

“Currently there is nothing or very little available for service delivery. The prevalent situation in the Harare City Council calls on the Government to intervene by bringing order to expenditures on workshops outside their area of jurisdiction, and to stop with immediate effect the continued recruitment of council workers along partisan lines.

“The City of Harare needs to be providing refuse collection services consistently because they continue to charge ratepayers, yet they are rarely collecting garbage in residential areas. Ratepayers cannot be held at ransom by a careless unaccountable and seemingly irresponsible council management,” reads the statement.

Contacted for comment on the statement, the council’s spokesperson, Micheal Chideme dismissed the claims.

“The claims are false and the council is not in the business of misusing the ratepayer’s money.

“The council adds value to the money paid by these ratepayers.

“The money paid by ratepayers is used for collection of garbage, providing street lights and even resurfacing roads,” said Chideme.

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