Council Employees Warned

13 Jan, 2020 - 10:01 0 Views
Council Employees Warned


Yemurai Nyarugwe, H-Metro Reporter

Harare City Council employees have been warned over misusing council vehicles and fuel.

Mayor of Harare Councillor Herbert Gomba made the warning through his Facebook page account posts saying the act has been unnecessarily causing a loss to the council for some time.

He promised to take harsh measures against anyone caught on the wrong side.

Mayor Gomba also warned workers who are intentionally planning on using the council’s vehicles carrying their children to school without permission that they will be fired.

Mayor Herbert Gomba

Contacted for comments, Mayor Gomba said action would be taken against those who fail to abide by the rules.

“Workers are abusing the council’s property, hence this also pains the people paying tax out there seeing them merry-making with the council facilities,’ he said.

In an interview with some of the employees, they said it now depends on the rank that a person holds at the council to use the vehicles for other purposes.

“When employees are taken in, they sign different contracts with different rules hence one is supposed to follow what had been agreed when he/ she was given a job.

“How do people paying tax feel when they see people misusing the council property which is also a part of their hard earned money?’ said one of the employees.

Some added:

“However, it is not fair for one to struggle for transport whilst leaving a car parked simply because they are afraid of being penalised.

“The council should be in a position to buy cars for its employees but is failing to do so, then they should not forbid employees to use the opportunity that they have especially when doing it for their family.

“I think the mayor should forbid workers to use company cars to go to places like nightclubs, bars or maybe weekend vacations.”


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