Council increases water production

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Council increases water production Engineer Phakamile Moyo


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HARARE City Council has increased water production, from an average of 220 megalitres in 2020 to 350 megalitres per day, in a bid to improve water supply in the capital.

Despite this increase, Council has been failing to provide clean water to residents in Harare.
Areas like Mabvuku and Tafara have not had running water for years.
Several plastic buckets are found in almost every home in Harare while some residents have dug shallow wells and boreholes to try and cope with the dire situation.
Acting Town Clerk, Engineer Phakamile Moyo, said water production has increased from 40 to 65 percent.
“On the service delivery front, we have increased our water production from an average of 220 megalitres in 2020 to an average of 350 megalitres per day,” he said.
“However, this has not been reflected in an increase in revenue collection.
“Our water coverage has increased from about 40 percent to 65 percent so this means that there are suburbs, which have not been receiving water,  are now receiving water.”
Eng Moyo said Council now expects residents to pay their bills since service delivery had improved.
“There was evidence from Manyame catchment that sales of water, from water delivering trucks, has gone down by at least 60 percent, which means more people are accessing water from the City of Harare,” Eng Moyo said.
“Our water costs 10 percent of what people used to pay because an average truck was costing about US$60 for an average of 5 cubic metres.
“In this case, Council is only charging US$5 per 50 cubic metres so we would expect those who have stopped buying water can also pay for water from the City of Harare.”
Eng Moyo said Council was also in the process of installing new meters in areas which have not been receiving water.
“We are in the process of changing meters so that we will be able to charge you for actual consumption.
“However, in the meantime, we will be charging you on the basis of estimates so we urge all residents to bear with us while we do our meter replacement programme.”
Meanwhile, Council has physically delivered all bills for January 2022, to all property owners in Harare.
The Council is now in the process of distributing the February 2022 bills.
“We urge all business ratepayers to pay their bills on time to allow the Council to dispatch its service delivery mandate on time, without hindrance.”

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