Council relocates driving schools

15 Feb, 2022 - 00:02 0 Views
Council relocates driving schools Michael Chideme


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HARARE City Council has relocated driving schools from the Robert Gabriel Mugabe Square to Rotten Row Commuter Omnibus holding terminus.

Most driving schools were operating without training grounds, and they had resorted to using the Robert Gabriel Mugabe Square and Coca-Cola Grounds.

Both settings do not have ablution facilities, or running water, yet the HCC was charging them ranking fees.

In an interview with H-Metro yesterday, HCC spokesperson, Michael Chideme, said: “We have allocated the place (Rotten Row Commuter Omnibus holding terminus) as a temporary measure.”

This followed a request by the Harare Driving Schools Association.

HDSA chairperson, Nelson Mbedzi, wrote to HCC requesting for temporary use of the Rotten Row facility.

“We cannot say it’s a permanent situation though.

“We had earlier applied for the temporary use of the place before this move.

“As HDSA, we would be happy if Council gives us that place to operate from permanently as it has all facilities.”

This year, HCC raised ranking fees, for cars, from $14 000 to $18 000 per month, while fees for trucks were raised from $18 000 to $22 000.

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