Council renovates Mbare flats

03 Apr, 2019 - 14:04 0 Views
Council renovates Mbare flats


Letwin Ncube, H-Metro Reporter

HARARE City Council has begun massive renovation of the Mbare flats.

The initiative is under the Mbare redevelopment plan where the council and its partners are undertaking the rehabilitation of the Matapi flats and redevelopment of Mukuvisi corridor.

The housing director, Addmore Nhekairo said the flats will be a safe environment to stay after the renovations.

“Our intention is to renovate all the 58 flats.

“This is our first phase and we have identified four blocks which will be done in the next four months.

“Some of these flats need to be demolished but before doing the massive work, we have to ensure that residents must be living in a safe environment,” said Nhekairo.

He added:

“The renovations involve repainting of the flats and most important is the improvement of the plumbing systems of the facility.

“The sewer system is our major concern so as to reduce the spread of diseases.”

Nhekairo also said the redevelopment does not focus on Mbare only.

“The redevelopment plan is called the Mukuvisi-Mbare urban renewal as we are not concentrating on Mbare only but from the entire Mukuvisi corridor, Mbare down to Chivero

“We are also looking forward to firstly improving the shopping centres like Shawasha mall which by mid-April, work will have commenced,” he said.

Nhekairo also gave a detail of the redevelopment plan.

“The Mukuvisi-Mbare urban renewal is to densify some areas, putting up flats, decanting old flats and reconfiguring the rooms where some flats are structurally sound.

“Ultimately, we are looking at revamping the entire Mukuvisi, Mbare wholesale market, Mbare bus terminus right down to Chivero.

“This project will be in three phases and phase one starting this April.

“Our partnership with FCG will help in upgrading road works, the intention to improve the roads of Harare North and ensuring that the road network of the Matute areas are brought up to standard,” he said.

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