Council reviews water charges

10 Sep, 2019 - 14:09 0 Views


Michelle Karaga, H-Metro Reporter

Harare City Council yesterday reviewed water charges due to the increase of the cost of water treatment chemicals and electricity.

In a press statement, Harare is proposing to increase water charges from 0.80c per cubic meter to around $7.00 to allow adequate funding of the water sector.

“A cubic meter is equivalent to five two-hundred litre drums.

“The cost of water treatment chemicals has increased by a factor of more than 10 since all chemicals are either 100 percent imports or have major forex components.

“The cost of electricity which is the second cost driver in water treatment and conveyance has also gone up. It has therefore become necessary to review the cost of water,” reads the statement.

“The City is currently in the process of testing other chemicals with the objective of improving efficiencies and effectiveness of the water treatment processes as well as reducing costs,” added the statement.

Council also touched on the causes of water shortages being experienced in most of the suburbs.

“Current water shortages are a result of drought, inadequate water sources and the inconsistent water pricing structure against the cost of production.

“Many suburbs are going without water. The city is appealing to consumers to understand the situation and embrace the impending price adjustment that will ensure viability of the water sector.

“Council has engaged Government for the drilling of more boreholes and construction of new water sources,” said the statement.


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