Council to splash US$328 000 on bins

15 Aug, 2017 - 17:08 0 Views
Council to splash US$328 000 on bins


15 August 2017

The project by the City of Harare in partnership with Probin, a private entity, to install 800 underground bins will cost council a total US$328 000.

The total cost of the bin and installation is US$400 per bin and a proposal is being made to install 1 800 bins in the central business district and other shopping centers.

Installation of the underground bins will be made in high pedestrian traffic areas.

Council leaders and Probin are set to agree a five-year tenure in which Probin will be maintaining the infrastructure while council would be responsible for emptying the bins.

The new bins are set to improve the Harare’s waste management system which has been hampered by a shortage of bins which are also frequently vandalised.

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