Couple fights over children

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Couple fights over children


Rumbidzai Rambanapasi, Court Reporter

A HIGHFIELD woman claims her husband has been assaulting her over children’s custody.

The matter came to light at the Harare Civil court where Nyasha Pakiti applied for a protection order against her former husband Morris Mabika citing physical and verbal abuse.

“He assaults me whenever he comes to see the children and I want the court to protect me from his violent behaviour.

“He is also in the habit of taking the children without my consent and I want him to stop all his acts.

“Mabika insults me using obscenities in front of our minor children and that is the reason I don’t want him to take the children,” said Pakiti.

Pakiti also told the court that she wants Mabika to stop visiting her place of residence.

“I want him to be barred from visiting my place of residence and to be barred from all forms of communication.

“I want him to stop assaulting me and not to take my children by force or without my concern,” she said.

Mabika denied the allegations and told the court that he wanted access to the children.

“I don’t assault her but I only want access to see my children.

“I never insulted her even her neighbours can testify that.

“I am a good father to my children because I take good care of them and I want the court to grant me permission to see my children,” he said.

Presiding magistrate Noah Gwatidzo granted the protection order in Pakiti’s favour.

Mabika was ordered not to physically or verbally abuse Pakiti.



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