Couple publishes family book

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Couple publishes family book Washington and wife Natasha


Latwell Nyangu, H-Metro Reporter

Harare based author Washington and his wife Natasha Kadi Tshawe have released a tenth book, which calls for healthy families.

The author and professional coach says his desire is to make an impact, transform and being an answer to problems affecting the generation across the African Continent.


He published the book with his wife.

Washington and his wife on the wedding day

“We published this book together before our marriage during our relationship. We pushed only two together and the other eight alone.


“I want to impact lives starting from my nation Zimbabwe.


“Being a professional coach in the areas of corporate, success, life and leader in my writings, I address critical issues affecting the full range of economic, social, political and spiritual development of young people.


“The central theme of my message is legacy building, including embracing uniqueness and thinking generational.


“I am passionate about the development of Africa, ultimately the freedom from the legacy of colonization and colonial mind-set,” he said.


While impacting Africa is the bigger picture he believes it is possible through building healthy families to build nations and Africa.


“This why relationships and marriage is a huge topic to me and my wife as well as the reason for our two books, The Six Pillars of A Stable Relationship and the recent one, A Bed Too Big for 2.


“In other books I addressed areas like potential, growth management, access to a super life and building a legacy oriented mind-set.


“Being a believer, I believe faith is an essential part which cannot be underestimated in helping one become the best of themselves and that’s why three of my books (Laws That Governs an Effective Spiritual Life Volume 1 & 2 and No More Condemnation) addresses that subject.

Washington says his writings are Christian based.


“I try to address the topics objectively but being a Christian, it’s automatic to find some views that are of in the Christian perspective. Most of the scriptural quotations are done as historic evidence to a point,” he added.


Washington has have published eight other separate books alone since mid-2019 to date, with five more already in the pipeline.


“I am to publish 20 books by end of 2022. The young people of my generation need to know that there is no limit and not just by being told but rather by demonstrating it.


“I have published Rising Above the Systems, Unlocking the Legacy, Building Mindset, Law That Govern an Effective Spiritual Life Volume 1, Law That Govern an Effective Spiritual Life Volume 2,


Potential, 3 keys to a super life, Managing Growth, No more condemnation.

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