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COURAGE’S HEROIC ACCOUNT The point Nemaisa used to sneak in


Latwell Nyangu, H-Metro Reporter
Joseph Nemaisa’s son, Courage, true to his name, bravely made a risky phone call to his father knowing full well that if he was found, it could be the end of his life.
He told H-Metro how he experienced the horror that saw him witness three men dying before his eyes in a dramatic shootout.

Congealed blood in one of the rooms

“When we first heard the banging of the door, I immediately grabbed my mother’s phone and called my dad telling him that we were under attack from the robbers.

“I told him they were armed and I quickly dropped the phone so that they would not see me since they were advancing towards the bedroom.

The window through which

“Luckily they did not notice it and my father did not take long to drive from Mandara to arrive at the scene.”

Courage described how his father expertly took out each of the three robbers that lost their lives.

“The first one was hit by the chest before he crawled to another room. He was now seeking for help. The second one was shot by the head.

“The team leader asked my young brother to go and collect a firearm from the first victim,” he said.

“As my little brother handed him the gun, my dad patiently waited to avoid shooting my little brother.

“My dad was who was shooting from outside hit the guy as he leaned forward to receive the gun from my brother.

“The remaining two were now thinking the fire was coming from the entrance.

“During that moment the remaining two robbers noticed that there was someone outside and they were forcing me to switch off the lights but I told them, they had censors,” he said.

“My father ran out of bullets so he then left the house and went to Hatfield Police for backup.

“The robbers were now talking to each other, kuti aah ma1, let’s go and they disappeared from the scene.

“They looked for a way out and jumped through the bedroom window.”

Nemaisa later came back but the remaining robbers had left.

“When my father came back he thought the robbers were still in the house.

“He had to confirm if we were safe, he called my name, and I responded.

“But he wasn’t really sure so he advised me to jump through the window and I jumped out. Immediately my mother also came out.

“The CID team were about 20 including Dad’s other friends and they searched the whole house.

“The other robber was still breathing during that moment but he died soon after.”

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