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Mathew Masinge

A MUREWA man has been sentenced to death for strangling his daughter.

Charles Kavhumbura was convicted after a full trial at the High Court.


He was charged with unlawfully, and with an intent to kill, strangling the deceased, Lydia Kavhumbura.


He hid her body in a pond.


Charles had pleaded not guilty to the charge.


The deceased’s body was later discovered by a student, Joseph Mutisi, who wanted to draw water from the pond.


The State had it that on October 14, 2017, Lydia and her brother visited their father at his grinding mill at Susman Farm, Juru, Murewa.


The two were reportedly sent by their mother (Charles’ ex-wife) Pedzisai Kachepa, to get money for their upkeep.


Charles strangled his daughter until she became unconscious.


He later dumped the body about 750 metres away from the grinding mill.


Justice Tawanda Chitapi ruled that Charles had selfishly murdered his child.


“He knew right from wrong. In fact, his motive to kill the deceased was to save himself from the obligation to outlay more money as maintenance.


“He decimated part of his family by selfishly murdering the deceased for no just cause.


“He remained unrepentant and thus remorseless by not even owning up to his misdeed, electing to deny his culpability, in the light of overwhelming evidence,” ruled the judge.


Justice Chitapi also noted that the circumstances of the murder had sent shock waves in the community. 


“The circumstances of the murder must have left Charles’ family traumatised and the community he lived in dumbfounded. 


“To devour one’s own child, in order to avert a lawful obligation to pay maintenance as ordered by the courts, cannot be countenanced in an informed society governed through the rule of law.


“The accused is sentenced to death. 


“He shall be returned to custody and the sentence of death shall be executed according to law,” reads the ruling.

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