Curtworth Masango

SPORTS Minister Kirsty Coventry has hailed Aliya Phiri following his victory in the African Boxing Union lightweight title fight.

Phiri presented his championship belt to Coventry yesterday. He was accompanied by his father, who is his manager, and brother, who is his coach.

He was given a US$1 750 cash gift by the Government which was handed over by the Minister.

Also present were the Zimbabwe National Boxing and Wrestling Control Board chairperson, Vee Chibanda, CEO Priscilla Kadungure and boxing sponsor Lindsay Earle.

“It’s a great achievement and I am sure it is the start of many things, not just being ranked first in Africa, but a route to become top-ranked globally,” said Coventry.

“Congratulations to your baba and brother, it’s nice to see a family unit coming together and supporting each other.

“It takes a strong family unit to support each other. 

“It’s also nice to see a female promoter.”

Phiri pledged his love for the country.

“Thank you to everyone who has been with me in my journey and all the support I have received. I respect the Zimbabwean flag and I will do my best to lift it higher.”

Chibanda said:

“Today we come before you in support of our boxer, his management team and promoter in celebration of the achievement. 

“Ladies and Gentlemen history is being made today as Aliya, at 23 years of age, has become one of the youngest boxers to have won an ABU title for Zimbabwe. The recognition of Aliya’s achievement by the Honourable Minister is a big motivator for our boxer.”

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